Feb 16, 2015

Cheerful Mail!

I'm always using blog space on Mondays to tell you something about myself. This time I will talk about my love for mail. I found my first penpal when I was nine years old. I met her when I was on holiday in Switzerland. We got on really well and I loved sending and receiving envelopes filled with small gifts and lovely letters. Unfortunately we grew apart, but since I met her I've always loved mail and I've sent letters, postcards and mail art on a regular basis. 
Around the same time I found my first pen pal I also received some lovely stationery from the older sister of my boyfriend at that time. I treasured those beautiful sheets of paper and didn't want to write on them, because they were so pretty. I think that's when my love for stationery began. I have quite a big collection of cute and beautiful letter sets. I treasure them and like them so much. If I want to use my pretty paper I always have to buy doubles, otherwise it's not going to happen.
I used to send happy mail to quite a few friends long before I started my project. I love the idea of making someone's day because I sent a cute envelope. I used to spend hours crafting envelopes and I decorated a lot of paper. I'm still doing just a little bit of that, but not as much as before. I'm going to pick it up again and would like to show simple, quick projects on my blog. 
I think mail shouldn't disappear. It's so much fun to receive a cheerful envelope in your mailbox from time to time (or every day!). I hope that the people who read this who don't send postcards and letters any longer will think about sending them again. For the people who do, it's fabulous that you take the time to create something that will brighten up someone's day. I would love it if you could all join me in my quest to send more mail that will make people happy.

--- Suzanne ---

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