Feb 24, 2015

Cattier Paris Lip Care


I bought this lip balm from Ecco-Verde (the link below the photograph is from a webshop that ships it worldwide), because I liked the packaging and the product description looked good. Cattier is a French brand that has been around for quite a long time. I'm a fan of organic lip products and ever since I started using this lip balm it's on my list of favorites.

The balms key ingredients are olive oil and wild mangoes. For me the taste and scent of a lip balm are quite important. I like the softness of the mango and the natural mild flavor. The lip balm isn't sticky, which is nice, and it's quite economical. I only have to use a little bit each time and that already leaves my lips soft and smooth. The nourishing effect is great and the price is really good for this kind of quality.

The ingredients of this lip balm are all eco-friendly and so is the packaging. That makes me like this brand even more. I'm happy with the lip balm and would love to try more Cattier products when I have the chance.

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