Feb 24, 2015

Black Dog Summer by Miranda Sherry



Until the day of the attack, Sally and her teenage daughter Gigi lived a charmed bohemian life in the African bush. Now Sally is dead and Gigi has been sent to live with her aunt and uncle in the suburbs.
But Gigi's arrival stirs up secrets that were buried long ago. And Sally, lingering in the shadows, is powerless to stop them...


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 Sally has been attacked and she died, but she isn't completely gone. She can see what's going on in the lives of the people she loves. She's just a shadow and she can't influence anything that happens. Her daughter Gigi has to move in with her aunt, uncle and two cousins. Her cousin Briony isn't very happy with this arrangement as it means she has to give up her room. She didn't know Sally and Gigi very well, so she isn't really grieving. A lot has happened between her mother and her aunt and they weren't keeping in touch. Gigi isn't easy to be around and Briony has no idea how to handle that. Her mother is feeling sad, but there's also something else going on between her mother and father, so there's nobody she can turn to.

Briony loves magic, but when she discovers there is a form of it that really exists she isn't so obsessed with it any longer. She spies on her neighbor, but she gets the fright of her life while doing that. Slowly the happy family life she once knew starts to disappear. Gigi is hurting and there are shadows everywhere, is Briony too young to understand her cousin and the things that are happening around her? And does Sally have to witness the terrible things her daughter is going through without ever being able to intervene?

Black Dog Summer is a story about a complicated family history. When a horrible attack means the end of Sally's life her daughter has no choice but to live with her aunt and uncle. The families couldn't have been more different. The two sisters liked the same man and that didn't end well, so Sally disappeared out of her sister's life. Gigi has problems adjusting, she's used to much more freedom and she doesn't like living with her uncle and aunt. There's also something else that's bothering her.

There are so many secrets in this family and I couldn't wait to find out what they were. The magic aspect of the story was gripping and so well described. I could totally picture everything that happened. I liked the idea that the reader could see whatever Sally was seeing and the main focus on Briony worked really well. I was intrigued and interested from the first page and think the author has written an amazing book. I loved the story and enjoyed reading it very much. This book is so special, it's dark and it's horrible, but it's also beautiful and hopeful at the same time.

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