Jan 6, 2015

The You Know Who Girls: Freshman Year by Annameekee Hesik

 Abbey Brooks, Gila High freshman-to-be, never thought a hellish day of shopping at the mall with her best friend, Kate, could change her life. But when she orders French fries from the flirtatious Hot Dog on a Stick Chick, she gets more than deep-fried potatoes. Abbey tries to ignore the weird, happy feeling in her gut, but that proves to be as impossible as avoiding the very insistent (and—rumor has it—very lesbian) players on Gila High’s girls’ basketball team. They want freakishly long-legged Abbey to try out, and Abbey doesn’t hate the idea. But Kate made Abbey pinky swear to avoid basketball and to keep away from the you- know-who girls on the team.

Sometimes promises can’t be kept. And sometimes girls in uniform are impossible to resist.


Abbey isn't like her friend Kate, she isn't into boys and trying to look sexy to impress them. She feels awkward in the presence of her friends when they talk about boyfriends and love. When they are about to start their freshman year at Gila High Kate makes Abbey promise she will stay away from the lesbians at the basketball team. There are rumors and Kate doesn't like the idea of girls liking girls at all. Abbey has no choice but to pretend she's going to do what her friend wants, but this is a promise Abbey simply can't keep and doesn't want to keep at all either. She knows she likes girls and when she's falling head over heels for a girl who works at the hot dog stand in the mall there's no going back. Kate isn't a very good friend, but fortunately Abbey meets some great girls who are part of the basketball team. She loves the sports and soon she also discovers that the hot dog girl is going to her school. Will she be brave enough to do her own things or will pressure from all kinds of people make Abbey do stuff she doesn't really want to do?
 Abbey is a great girl. She's friendly and she's looking out for people. She's falling in love with someone who's a bit older, who's very sure about what she wants and who isn't monogamous. That's something to get used to for Abbey. It isn't the relationship she envisioned, but she can't seem to stay away from the girl she likes so much. This means that next to a couple of great moments there's also a lot of heartache. Besides that Abbey is discovering who she is and what she values in life. I think The You Know Who Girls: Freshman Year is a great book with a lot of high school drama. It's perfect for young girls who like girls or who think they might like them. Annameekee Hesik has explained Abbey's feelings so well and I think the story is very realistic. That's such a good thing about this story. This book isn't only suitable for young girls who like girls, it's definitely an enjoyable read and I think the author has done such a great job writing it.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic read and great to see lesbian as a topic in books.

  2. This looks so fab - it's really great for girls to be able to read about heroines who don't just assume that boys are the only way forward

    Steph - http://the-darkness-will-never-win.blogspot.com


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