Jan 25, 2015

The Postcard by Lily Graham

When Ivy Everton, a children’s book illustrator, moves to Cornwall to start a new life with her husband Stuart, she’s been given her mother’s old writing desk, a bittersweet token from a mother who made childhood magical.

When she clears it, she finds that the desk holds an unexpected surprise; one she wishes, in a way, that she hadn’t found, as hidden inside is a blank, faded postcard addressed to her, in her mother’s hand. At first, the postcard serves only to haunt her; as she can’t help but wonder what unwritten secret lies unsaid.

Yet, as the days pass mysterious things begin to happen, odd items go missing from her studio, only to reappear, ethereally transformed in the seemingly empty desk.

Soon Ivy realises that the postcard was never really blank, it was simply waiting … waiting for her to find it.

Part ghost story, part romantic Christmas tale, The Postcard is about finding hope, even in the darkest times, and about the kind of love that transcends time and space to heal. 


Ivy loves to draw and to paint. She's a children's book illustrator and she has several projects going on. One of which is a secret she doesn't want to share with anyone. She and her husband Stuart wanted to change their way of life and they moved to Cornwall. There Stuart is filling his days with food. Ivy has inherited her mother's old writing desk to put in her new house and her nights are being filled with wonderful meetings because of it. There's a special postcard that's helping Ivy to go through whatever it is she's struggling with. Then something life altering happens and she needs all the support she can get.
The Postcard is a beautiful story about love, life and loss. The writing is really good and the same goes for the editing. I very much enjoyed this story that is like a fairytale. There's a bit of mystery and magic and I liked that a lot. The main characters are likable and sympathetic and their creativity is inspiring. The Postcard is a Christmas tale, but it's perfectly suitable to read in another time of the year as well. Sometimes hope is all that keeps people going and this story shows you how important it is to keep having faith that everything will be all right. 

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