Jan 19, 2015

Tell Me Tomorrow by Lynda Bellingham

Meredith Lee is one of the most successful women in television. She has a daytime show that has an audience of millions. She seems to have it all.
But behind the tirelessly successful facade lies the story of a woman who nearly lost everything. This is the story of a woman who could not keep love in her life. The love of neither her father nor her mother. Who lost the love of her life the first time around, then lost the love of her own child. She could not even find love in herself.
This is a story about women, about their sugar and spice, about the deep natural instincts that drive women through whatever society is trying to pin on them at the time. It is also about love, where to look for it and how to hold on to it when it is found.


Meredith's mother Jane has been born under unusual circumstances and the same goes for Meredith herself. She has a wonderful childhood, especially due to her loving father. They live on a farm and Meredith loves it there. She leaves her childhood home after finishing high school, because life in the city is so much more exciting. She starts with a catering course and finds an apartment to share with the lovely and equally ambitious Oliver. As she isn't very lucky in love Meredith works very hard to make something of herself in the television world. When she least expects it she finds out she's pregnant. Of course she's bringing up her daughter with everything she has to give and more. She has her mother's wisdom to guide her and Oliver is a wonderful help. She's a lucky woman and feels like everything is going very well in her life. That won't last, because soon her daughter Anna has some news of her own...
Tell Me Tomorrow is a family story about four women and their connection not only through family, but also through the many things they have in common and due to the secrets they have to keep. The main part of the book focuses on Meredith, but they all play an equally important role. It's such a beautiful story about strong women who are trying to make the best of their lives. Of course each of them has to deal with the customs and characteristics of their time. They all have a past they can't tell their daughters, but eventually they don't have a choice and they have to talk. These moments were significant, it made them understand their mothers so much better. This isn't a quick read, it takes a few pages to tell such a story. The writing is excellent, it's always vivid and there isn't even one dull moment. I enjoyed every single page and I really loved this book. The story is absolutely amazing and the great style makes it a joy to read.

I want to thank Sian very much for giving this book to me, it's brilliant!

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