Jan 27, 2015

Tea Natura Lara Crema Mani Protettiva

I've bought this Lara Tea Natura Cosmesi hand cream from Ecco-Verde. I have dry skin and especially during the colder months I need a good hand cream to keep my hands soft and smooth. I've tried this hand cream for a few days and really like it. It has a lovely, fresh herbal scent and it does what it promises to do. 
As this is a 50 grams package the tube is pretty small, but I think it will last quite a while. My skin absorbs the cream really quickly and it doesn't leave a fat layer like some creams do. This means Tea Natura hand cream is perfect to use during the day, even while using a phone or tablet with a touch screen. I'm actually very much in love with that aspect. 
The packaging is really simple and I like the colors and fonts that have been used. The brand has a serious look and feel which is pretty at the same time. I'm certainly going to try more Tea Natura products. I hope they'll be just as good as the hand cream.

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