Jan 26, 2015

Suzanne Loves The Boutique Bizarre! + Giveaway

 I love The Boutique Bizarre, it's such a fabulous Etsy shop with beautiful, original jewelry.

The owner, Kristin, works with all kinds of materials, but most of her items have been made from clay. I like the amount of detail and the amazing craftsmanship.

Kristin's ideas are truly unique and her jewelry is one of a kind. 

I've asked Kristin a couple of questions to find out more about her and her Etsy shop.

Where does your love for polymer clay come from?

 I found polymer clay about 8 years ago when I saw a girl who had made her own gauges while she was stretching her ears. I thought it was brilliant because that can get quite costly. I got some polymer clay of my own and fell in love. I haven’t put it down since! I eat and breathe polymer clay. I don’t go out or hang with friends, I make stuff. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up, and the last thing I do before I go to bed.

How did your Etsy adventure start?
As far as my start on Etsy; I was making my own jewelry. Then some people wanted to buy it and that was the first time I knew I could sell my stuff. I sold to local stores in my area for a few years, but saw that some girls had made stores on Etsy and were doing AMAZINGLY. I had to try it! As soon as I did I wondered why I hadn’t sooner. It was great! This holiday season was super busy and I hope next year is even more! I really hope I can make this into my career. I am always making new designs and my work has tons of influences. I don’t just stick to one style, I try to do them all! 

Where do you find your inspiration?

During high school I went in and out of popular scenes, for example; punk, goth, rockabilly, indie, girly, and much more. I love all types of styles so I couldn’t make a product with just one. I will get obsessed with let’s say kawaii for about a month, then the next month its steampunk, and so on. I feel that is the key to staying relevant, always having new merch.

What are your plans for the future?

 My future is obviously one with polymer clay. I want to make this a career, and with Etsy to help me, I know I can do it. I don’t want a job that keeps me from doing what I love. I want a job doing what I love. When it comes to clay I can work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week and it never becomes work. At a regular job, I wanted to leave after 2 hours. Obviously that’s not the path for me, hahaha.

 You can see Kristin's versatility when you look at her items. In her shop you can find quite a few different styles. There's something for everyone and that's really nice.

Kristin also makes custom items, so you can order something especially for you.

I've already spent hours looking at the beautiful and artistic creations. 

One reader of my blog will be very lucky as Kristin is giving away this amazing Steampunk Rose Anatomical Heart. It's so pretty! 

I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international. 

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