Jan 28, 2015

Stargazing Dog by Takashi Murakami

Oto-san is down and out. Life has conspired against him and nothing is coming together the way he wished - so he sets out with his car to get away from it all. All the people around Oto-san have abandoned him in indifference but as readers discover along with him, the one he can count on utterly and completely is his adopted dog. His dog follows him blindly and faithfully to the end - lightening up his new adventure into the unknown.


Happie has been with the same family for a long time and Daddy takes him for a walk each day. When everyone abandons him Daddy only has his dog left and he is his most loyal companion. Happie travels through the country with him on his way to a better life. While they're on the road several unfortunate events are taking place, but Daddy and Happie are always together. Happie will stay with Daddy till the end and he will never leaves his side.
Stargazing Job is a very impressive manga. I loved the story, it's beautiful. Happie is such a loyal dog, he's giving his love to people who don't always deserve it. Daddy walks him every day and tries to feed him as well as he can. When Daddy loses everything the bond with his dog becomes stronger. Happie can't talk and he might not know exactly what's going on in his boss's life, but he's always there to play and to be a loyal and loving pet. There's so much more to this story than only the relationship between a dog and his boss. I was angry about the horrible way some people can treat others. The drawings in this book sometimes said more than words could ever say. This is such a moving and emotional story and it's actually really philosophical. While I was reading the final pages I had tears in my eyes. I highly recommend Stargazing Dog, it's got so many layers and hidden depths. The writer didn't need a lot of words to say something meaningful, which is quite an achievement. I loved this book and will certainly read it again and again.

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