Jan 31, 2015

Six Postcards Home by Michelle Jackson


Michelle Jackson's sixth bestselling novel Six Postcards Home is set in Dublin, London and Spain. Karen and Greg fall in love as teenagers but their story doesn't run smoothly as a series of events and circumstances prevent them from being together. As middle age approaches it seems they will never be together...or will they?


 Karen and Greg have something special. Their teenage love isn't just a casual thing, it's deep and it's real. Unfortunately they don't manage to stay together, but they can't stop thinking about each other. Each time they meet they want to get back together, but they're not sure if it's ever going to happen. They grow up and start living their own lives, but they do keep in touch every now and then. When they are approaching middle age, they still can't forget each other. Will they manage to make it happen or is life too complicated?
There are six postcards which all stand for turning points in Greg and Karen's relationship. Somehow they don't manage to make it happen between them while they want to every time they see each other. Life and sometimes stupidity or stubbornness gets in the way. Both Karen and Greg are such nice and kind people, they deserve some happiness. That's what I kept thinking. I married my high school love, so I know what they felt like, but I also got to see what would have happened if we would have parted. That meant this book came very close and it's why I liked it even more. The ending is so romantic and unexpected, I loved it. Six Postcards Home is a fabulous Irish novel and I highly recommend it. 

I bought this book from Poolberg during their Christmas sale and am very happy with my purchase.

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