Jan 23, 2015

Pretty Shore by Carla Caruso

It's summer time and the temperature is rising in the small coastal town of Robe, where Astonvale's A-list comes to catch up, dress down and be seen.
Professional organiser Celeste Pretty has a summer getaway planned in well-to-do Robe, the 'Hamptons' of Australia. She's staying at the beach 'shack' of her hunky new builder beau, Lenny Muscat. The first week she'll de-clutter the holiday home of fashion designer Sabine Cloud with her assistant, Flip Belmont. Then she'll enjoy loved-up bliss with Lenny.
But despite Celeste's penchant for organisation, things have a way of veering off-script. She soon discovers the last person who occupied Sabine's pad - the designer's model daughter, Romy - died from a possible overdose. Plus, Sabine's uber-glam real estate agent seems intent on throwing herself at Lenny. Meanwhile, Flip is distracted by the bad-boy son of a rock star, Blaise Zenith, who some say is responsible for Romy going off the rails.
And Celeste thought sunburn and sand in the house were all she'd have to worry about these holidays. 


Robe is a small coastal town where a lot of famous people have houses. Celeste can't believe her luck, as she's staying in a beautiful house near the beach. She's there with her boyfriend Lenny. She's insecure about her relationship as Lenny is quite a catch and she has no idea how long he'll stay interested in her. Celeste isn't on holiday though, she's in Robe to work and she's brought her assistant Flip. They have to organize the house of a celebrity client who is the mother of a well known model. Unfortunately the model died from an overdose. Flip discovers that there's someone who's got access to the house who isn't supposed to be there. His name is Blaise and he's a celebrity bad boy. Flip discovers he isn't as bad as people say he is though. While Flip is keeping an eye on him Celeste is trying to keep her man from the claws of a glamorous, but slutty real estate agent. The two women are constantly occupied and the question is if there will be some fun to be had in Robe as well.
Celeste can't believe her luck when she's staying at a beach house in Robe. Unfortunately it isn't the summer of her life as there is someone who's spoiling it for her. Her self confidence is getting blow after blow. She has to find it back before it's too late. Celeste might be insecure, but Flip doesn't have any self-esteem issues at all. She's confident and bold. She knows how to dress and she's a strong woman. I liked her immediately. I don't know if I could say the same about Celeste, but in the end she managed to win me over. Celeste and Flip are working together, but they have a completely different summer. Eventually they do have to spend some time with each other though as they have a mutual event to attend. In the end a lot happens at once. Pretty Shore is quite chaotic, which made this story a fun read for me. There's so much going on and there are quite a few different story lines, but everything's coming together well at some point. I really liked this fabulous book and am glad I had the chance to read it.

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