Jan 12, 2015

My 1st Anniversary

On January 12th 2014 I wrote my first post. I can't believe a year has gone by already. The first few months I struggled because of an elbow injury and I came close to giving up twice. Fortunately I persisted and didn't stop blogging. I love writing about Lavender, books, beauty products, Etsy shops and anything else that I love or fancy. Writing post for my blog means having a great time. It's never a burden or a chore. 
Through my blog I've met so many great people. I've made new friends and can't picture my life without them anymore. It's a joy to find messages in my inbox every day. I'm amazed by how many wonderful, kind and generous people there are and their support means the world to me. I'm also very happy with my two co-bloggers. They are helping me by writing great reviews and by spotting new books for me to read.
I'm currently trying to become more organized to add structure to my blog. In my second year of blogging I'm going to host blog hops, so other bloggers can join my book- and happy mail giveaways. I would also love for this space to become a platform for anyone who's created something great. There will be more changes in the past couple of weeks and I'll always try to find new ways to improve.
I want to thank everyone who reads my blog. It means the world to me that you click this site every day to take a look. I'm glad you like my giveaways and I'm grateful for all your wonderful comments. It's been a fantastic year!

--- Suzanne ---


  1. Happy blogaversary. I'm so lucky to class you as a friend having met you through your fabulous blog. I have been very privileged in being part of you blog. Thank you for allowing me. Keep up the fantastic work xx

  2. Oh wow, that's wonderful. Happy Bologversary! *g* I know that I've really been enjoying everything that you have to share and hearing your thoughts on various different things. Your blog has definitely become one of my favorites to visit! :)

  3. Happy blogoversary! *throws confetti*
    P.S.: I'm already looking forward to your happy mail blog hops! :-)

  4. Happy first blog birthday to you! Here's to many more. :) x

  5. Happy blogiversary, dear! I love all the cute shops you introduce to us readers. Reading your blog is always a joyful experience for me. Keep doing what you're doing! <3

    Not too fond of blog hops, though. I usually scroll past them.

  6. Happy blogiversary!!!!

  7. Wishing you another successful year with your blog! We all love you for it!

  8. Congrats Suzanne!

    Your blog is amazing,Bravo! :)


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