Jan 26, 2015

Mother of the Year by Karen Ross

‘I often think my mother would prefer colonic irrigation to hanging out with me...’

Beth Jackson is a national treasure, celebrated for her television shows and winning the Mother of the Year Award three times in a row.

Only, her daughter just wishes that Beth would be more like a normal mum...


JJ always feels insecure as she's nothing like her mother. Beth is a celebrity. She's got a radiating personality, she looks stunning and she always stands up for people who can't defend themselves. Beth was a teenage mother who vowed to make something of herself and she's done so with a fantastic television career. JJ works in advertising, she thinks she doesn't look as good as her mother, her career is nothing compared to Beth's and she'll never be able to come even close. JJ is good at her job though, she has a great best friend and a boyfriend who loves her. When she has to move back home all of a sudden things slowly start to be different. JJ is the only person who can change her life and the way she feels and the question is if she can do it. 
I loved Mother of the Year. It's such a great story about a connection between a mother and a daughter. JJ doesn't have much confidence and it's wonderful to see her grow. Of course there are some ups and downs and some of them result in funny situations. She's a lovely person. Beth has a lot of confidence, but when it comes to her daughter she's very sensitive. That doesn't always mean she makes the right decisions though. It was great to see the relationship between mother and daughter evolve. The bond between a mother and a daughter is a great topic to write about. It's also very sensitive and fragile. Karen Ross described, used and handled it so well. I liked all the developments in this story, every new scene was just right which resulted in a wonderful book.

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