Jan 9, 2015

Love Me or Leave Me by Claudia Carroll

True love lasts a lifetime.
But sometimes, life just gets in the way . . .
It’s the opening weekend of the first ever boutique ‘divorce hotel’ and three couples arrive to ditch their emotional baggage, once and for all, and move on.
It’s make or break time for Lucy and Andrew, Jo and Dave and Dawn and Kirk. But the hotel’s manager, Chloe Townsend, is one very special lady. As she settles her guests in, it becomes clear that this weekend is going to bring some big surprises.
Because some things are worth fighting for – and what seems like an unhappy ending can be a very exciting new beginning …
And when the weekend draws to a close, no-one is going to be more surprised than Chloe herself.
If you love MARIAN KEYES and SOPHIE KINSELLA you will love this!


Chloe has applied for her dream job. She has the chance to become the manager of a brand new boutique hotel. It isn't just a regular hotel, it's a special place where couples can check in to get a speedy divorce. Chloe has to get everything ready for their grand opening and she can't wait to meet her first guests for the second time. She's screened them all carefully. While she's doing her very best to make things go as smoothly as possible her very rich and well known boss is checking up on her regularly to see how things are going. The opening seems to be a big success, but there are three couples that have unforeseen problems. Lucy is a well known model who's married an older businessman. The children from his former marriage have made their life a living hell. Jo is a businesswoman who's working all over the world, she's at the hotel to divorce Dave, an actor who has been out of work for most of their marriage. He still loves her very much and isn't ready to let her go. Dawn is way too young to be a guest of the hotel, but Kirk has broken her heart and she is certain their marriage is over. Will she be able to get over their horrible breakup? Each guest has to fight a battle to be able to start over and fortunately there's Chloe who's offering understanding, advice and guidance every step of the way.
Love Me or Leave Me has an original concept. It's a book about love while the setting is a divorce hotel. That intrigued me straight away. Why are people getting divorced and what has happened to their love? Claudia Carroll managed to describe everyone's flaws and faults without ever making them lose their dignity or likability, which I think is very clever. I couldn't wait to find out what would happen to each of the couples. There's also Chloe's story to find out more about, she's such a sympathetic main character. I loved reading all the different point of views and each time the chapters ended with a great cliffhanger. I think Love Me or Leave Me is a very enjoyable read. It's romantic with a nice twist and interesting characters, which makes it a perfect novel for a long winter evening.

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  1. What an intriguing concept and very original. X


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