Jan 29, 2015

Lavender Loves Hoobynoo World! + Giveaway

I love Hoobynoo World. It's such a happy and cheerful shop. The items are all really cute and I like that they are characters with their own story.

The sunny and kawaii items are such a joy to look at. I think Hoobynoo World is so lovely and warm, it radiates fun.

 I asked the owner of the shop, Chiara, a few questions to find out more about her, her shop and the sweet characters.

What inspires you?

 Quite a few different things inspire me, I love kawaii and whimsical items. I love bright colours, rainbows and pastels and I love fairytales and fantasy.
I read a lot, both magazines and books and I watch many films. I get my of inspiration from all those things. I am inspired most by animals and nature which reflects a lot in my jewellery design.

Where and how did you learn to design and to craft?

 After school I did a three year general art and design course, where I studied painting, illustration, photography, printmaking and sculpting. After college I went to University and did a degree in Graphic Design. But I have always loved handmade crafts and over the years I've had many hobbies, scrap booking, cross stitch, sewing and many others. 

I love your style, could you tell a bit more about it?

 The style I think evolved because that is the sort of art I like, and I started off by creating things that I would want to wear or buy myself. I am always drawn to other artists and illustrators with this style and have lots of kawaii style artwork on my wall.
My love of Kawaii started as a child as we had lots of Japanese students stay with us while they were studying in the UK. Sometimes they would bring me presents with Kero Kero Keroppi or Little Twin Stars so it started from there I suppose.

How did your Etsy adventure start?

 Etsy seemed the easiest way to test the water and see if there was a demand for my product. My first etsy shop was CLS Craft Creations where I sold handmade bags and purses, I quickly realised that I really only enjoyed making them as a hobby and didn't want to turn it into a business.
The idea for Hoobynoo evolved from that first shop, I was trying to amuse my son one day while we were in a cafe waiting for our lunch and I was drawing animals on a napkin and making up stories about them. This gave me the idea of taking those drawings and creating character based jewellery, which would be less labour intensive than making bags and would provide more profit. As part of CLS Creations I had handmade little animal brooches from felt, I took the sketches I had done to create the patterns and used those as the starting point for the jewellery designs.

Do you have any good advice for someone who would also like to start selling on Etsy?

  Etsy is such a wonderful community of artists and craftspeople, when I first started I set up a group called the British Sellers on Etsy to bring together other British sellers so we could discuss our work and offer advice.
I think having that little community when I was starting out made such a big difference. If you are new to Etsy I would definitely recommend joining a team :)

These mirrors can be personalized which is something I really like. I love pocket mirrors and these are fabulous.

 Besides a Hoobynoo World etsy shop there's also a website. There you can find a lot of cute items and great sales.

Check out this amazing shop and the cute characters. They will definitely make your day!

Every item in this shop has a story. When you buy something from Hoobynoo World you buy an item with a name and personality. I think that's really great.


Freddie is the cutest fox in all of Hoobynoo World. Unfortunately, he’s always covered in rubbish so very few animals get to see him in all his natural glory. Freddie doesn’t care what he looks like, but he is always extra careful to poke the bins before he roots in them: he once woke a sleeping vixen and got more than he bargained for!

For a very lucky reader of my blog there will be £15 to spend on the website. That means the winner can choose something from all of these very kawaii items.

      I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international. 

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