Jan 19, 2015

I'm Lucky!

At the end of December I went to Wales. It was my first time in the country and I visited my lovely co-blogger Tanya there. She and her husband welcomed us with open arms. It was so great to meet them and they are a wonderful couple. They also have two lovely daughters. They took us shopping, they showed us around and they took us to a lovely pub. It was so much fun and my husband enjoyed it very much as well. In the short time I've known Tanya she's become a really good friend. 
Our last day was a busy one. I had the chance to talk to my good friend AJ from AJbookreviewclub on the phone which was so much fun. We could have talked for hours. Tanya also introduced us to her parents. It was great to meet them and they're so nice. In the evening we met Sophie from 23 Review Street and Rachel from Rachale's Reads. We went out for dinner and had a very good time, we couldn't stop chatting. It was so good to meet them and we all got along so well. It was fabulous! I already can't wait to see them again.
On Saturday I met Pia, my friend from Finland, in Amsterdam. She and her husband were on holiday here and she and I spent the afternoon together. It was amazing to catch up again and to do some shopping. I enjoyed it very much. 
Fortunately I don't have to be too sad that I won't see them for a while as I have plans to meet everyone again. I can also look forward to a meeting with Anniek next month. And I will be able to spend an evening with my sweet friend Marieke very soon. I think it's a splendid beginning of the new year. I feel loved and cherished and that's such a good feeling.

--- Suzanne ---

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