Jan 6, 2015

Driving Lessons by Annameekee Hesik

Abbey Brooks has recovered from her end-of-freshman-year heartbreak and has vowed that this year, her sophomore year at Gila High, will be different in every way. Her to-do list: get her driver’s license, come out to her mom, get (and keep) a girlfriend, and survive another year of basketball. As always, though, nothing goes according to plan. Who will be there for her as her plans start to unravel? Who will bring her back to life after another round of heartache and betrayal? These remain a mystery—even to Abbey.

But one thing is for sure, she’s not confused about who she is. And that is going to make all the difference.


Abbey is now a sophomore and when she starts the new school year she's ready for it. She's over her tough breakup and it's time to make some changes in her life. There are a couple of things she has to conquer. After her dad's accident she's scared of driving, but she wants to overcome it and get her license. Abbey also hasn't told her mom she's gay yet. She'd love to have a new girlfriend, but things aren't going exactly as planned. Will happiness come her way eventually or will it be another tough year for Abbey?
In Driving Lessons Abbey is a lot more certain about who she is and what she wants. Unfortunately friend wise sophomore year is sometimes a lonely year for her. She's struggling when it comes to friendships and relationships, but she never gives up. That determination was something she also showed when playing a basketball game and eventually it was what made her life so much better. There are a lot of great scenes between Abbey and her mom in this book. I liked that a lot. What I also loved was the fact that everything seemed so real and realistic. Abbey is learning to stand up for herself and that's a valuable lesson, one she can certainly use. Driving Lessons is another great story by Annameekee Hesik. I'm hoping to read more about Abbey's life in a next book and I'll definitely keep following her.


  1. Great recommendation for any young girl x

  2. I think so too, it's such a good book :)

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