Jan 5, 2015

A giveaway hop is...

Blog Hop Q and A

What's a hop?

A giveaway hop is a chain of blogs who all host the a giveaway with the same theme (for example books released in January, romantic books, happy mail, etc.).

How does it work?

 At the bottom of the giveaway there's a row of links, so participants can hop from one blog to the next to enter each giveaway.

 What are the prizes?

The prize itself can vary, but normally they're all of the same category. They usually have a certain kind of theme, so the prizes are alike, but they don't have to be exactly the same. Every blogger makes their own rafflecopter and has been given instructions about the prize by the organizer of the hop. Each blog will have their own winner.

I'm a blogger, why should I sign up?

There are quite a few advantages of joining a blog hop. It will gather a lot of extra traffic and hops help to reach a new audience for your blog. If you join you might increase your number of views not only during the hop, but also afterwards. It's fun to host giveaways together and it's a nice way to work together with all kinds of different blogs.

I'm a blogger, how can I sign up?

There's a linky made by the host at the bottom of the sign up post. It's easy to sign up, all you have to do is click the button and fill out your details. Don't forget to mention if your giveaway is worldwide (INT) or not (for example US only, UK only, Europe only, etc.)  

 I'm a blogger, does that mean I can't enter the other giveaways?
 You can join the other giveaways so you have a chance to win a prize at someone else's blog as well.

If you have more questions feel free to contact me at scintillatingsuze @ yandex.com or librarianlavender @ gmail. com

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  1. I love giveaway hops, not just because of maybe winning something, but more importantly for the chance to discover new and interesting blogs. When I first started my own book blog this was how I got to know some amazing fellow book bloggers which I otherwise (probably) wouldn't have found. I do wish there were more giveaway hops of the "crafty" kind but sadly those are fare far and between. BTW a "Happy Mail" giveaway hop would suit you perfectly, so if/when you decide to organize one, I'd sign up for it right away!! :-)


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