Dec 8, 2014

The Joy of Gifts

I love getting presents. They've always meant the world to me. Ever since I was a little girl almost every present I received made me very happy. I  very much like the idea that someone spent time to choose something especially for me. That's the biggest gift there is. The only time I've been disappointed with something I received is when this clearly wasn't the case.
My worst present ever was a box in which I found a ripped restaurant magazine from the year before and a dirty stuffed animal that I'd given the giver about ten years earlier, now I received it back. This person forgot to get me anything and in her despair to find something she sent me junk. A present like that makes my heart ache. There are plenty of websites where the giver could have ordered me something much nicer for only the costs of the postage. With just a little bit of money you can find the most wonderful things if you spend some time looking. This 'friend's' gesture was hurtful and I felt ashamed unwrapping these gifts in front of my guests.
The sweetest present I received took the whole month of December last year. My husband made me an advent calendar and inside were either sweets or the most delightful little charms for a charm bracelet he gave me. All the charms are personal and they mean the world to me. I still can't believe he went through all that trouble to make last year's December the most romantic month of my life.
When people ask me for my wish list I either give them a link to my Amazon list or I ask them for an iTunes or Amazon gift card. Books always make me happy. There are plenty of other things I like though, so a surprise is very welcome. I love the idea of not knowing what's inside a package. The anticipation is the best feeling there is. There are already packages under my Christmas tree and just looking at them makes me feel festive.
Not everyone feels like this about presents. I know people who are very critical and they're only happy if someone gives them the exact thing they've been asking for. Gifts come in all forms and sizes and having the recipient in mind when you get something is the most important thing there is. A gift is meant to make someone happy after all. If they are happy you'll feel great, so it's a win win situation.
I don't know what I like more, the giving or the receiving part. I can spend hours finding the perfect gift for someone. Or when I see something that would be perfect months in advance I'll get it and then can't wait to give it when the time is finally there. I have a lot of Christmas presents ready to go out and my number one wish is that I will make someone happy with the things I've chosen. Wrapping them has been so much fun, I can't wait for them to open my packages. Giving often means loving and that, for me, is the magic of Christmas.


  1. You are amazing at present giving and shopping. I love seeing people open what I buy. We put our presents under the tree as soon as it goes up.

  2. <3 Nothing but LOVE coming your way!

  3. I love thinking about what to get people for Christmas or their birthday. I like it to be related to something they like, or make it a bit more personal one way or another. I also love getting presents - I mean, who doesn't?!

  4. i always try to offer something personnal and meaningful when i'm maaking a gift because aside from teh gift itself teh time spend on thinking and creating ( or finding) it make it just more precious
    ( by teh way i'm still hoping an answer to teh amil i sent you or it wioll be too late for me to send you a christmas gift)

  5. I love both giving and receiving presents. I love to choose the things I think my friends would love the most... from a simple bookmark to something bigger. Also, I love surprise gifts (and had my share of bad friends gift-giving too orz), mainly when it seems the person took some time to think of what I would like xD