Dec 10, 2014


I've done a lot of shopping lately and have decided to share some of my purchases with you. I love Ecco-Verde and buy a lot of my beauty products there. Lavera eye shadow is usually very good and I try every new color that suits me. I'm a big fan of the Akamuti lip balms and would love to try the Mango Tree Butter as well.

I bought this phone cover from Clippycabin. I hope it will arrive soon as I can't wait to see the live version.

These two books were bargains on Amazon, so I got them straight away. I look forward to reading them very much.

I bought this phone sleeve from Petiteblasa. I've already received it and it's gorgeous!

I'm very happy with my button and pocket mirror from Correspondances. They're so pretty!

I bought this beautiful bracelet at Chris O's Creations. I've been searching for the right leather bracelet for a very long time and am glad that I've found this one.

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  1. Fantastic shopping. Eye pallete looks nice.


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