Dec 16, 2014

Never Marry a Politician by Sarah Waights

‘Never, under any circumstances, marry a politician … ‘
In trying to be the model wife to Ralph, a fiercely ambitious politician, Emily has betrayed her heart and her principles. Once she was a promising journalist, but now reluctant domestic goddess is more her scene.

When unexpected events lead to Ralph becoming a candidate for Prime Minster, Emily finds maintaining the façade of picture-perfect family life an increasing struggle –especially when her romantic past comes back to haunt her in the form of tough-talking journalist, Matt Morley.

Matt is highly skilled at ‘digging the dirt’ and, sure enough, Ralph has a sordid secret that is soon uncovered. In the aftermath of the discovery, will Emily finally find the courage to be true to herself, or is she stuck in the world of PR tactics and photo opportunities for good?

Finalist in the 2014 Good Housekeeping Novel Writing Competition.
Emily is trying to be the perfect wife for Ralph, who is an important politician with high ambitions. In doing so she's losing the Emily she used to be. She's changed her style and has quit her job as a journalist to be with their children and to do the work Ralph is too busy to do himself. She's slowly changing into being only a servant of the man she's married. Emily's already struggling, but her situation becomes even more complicated when her greatest love, Matt, who's also a journalist, comes back into her life. He has to write a piece about Ralph and his political career. Unfortunately Matt is very good at uncovering secrets and he discovers something that will change Emily's world. When Ralph suddenly is a candidate to become Prime Minister Emily finds herself being stuck in tough circumstances she can't easily get out of. Will she be able to fight for herself to get her life back or will she be lost forever in politics and the correctness that comes with it?
Never Marry a Politician is an interesting read. It was great to get a look behind the scenes. Being a politician isn't easy and being the wife of a politician demands a lot of sacrifices. Emily has so many tough choices to make and she can't always do what's best for her. There are still old wounds when it comes to Matt. He's a kind man, but he's still a journalist and he has to do his job. That means Emily will be hurt. I felt so bad for her at times, but I also admired her courage and her attempts to make the best of it and to stand by her man. Even though he doesn't deserve it she puts the happiness of others first and decides to help him. That was admirable, but also quite difficult to see. Emily is brave and she deserves to get a lot more than she receives. I loved to read about her thoughts, the way she fights back and about how she manages to solve her problems in the end. This novel is romantic, but it's so much more, it's also intelligent, captivating and very fascinating.


  1. I like the sound of this. It certainly seems like a different read.

  2. This sounds good and very timely

  3. It was and very different from a lot of romantic stories as it has so much depth.

  4. Thanks so much for this lovely, thoughtful review, Lavender - and to you all for your comments. x


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