Dec 15, 2014

Love for Books!

Whenever someone asks me what I'd like to have for Christmas or my birthday I always give them a very long list, my Amazon wish list. Books will always make me happy, I can't have enough of them. Which is also a bit of a problem, because I'm now getting review books which means I don't have as much time to read my own. Holding a potentially great story in my hands makes my day. Love is the most important thing in life and fortunately it's possible to also love books. I'm lucky as I have my love at first sight fairytale relationship and he loves to read. Together we can share our passion for stories and gathering knowledge. 
When people don't know what to give me for Christmas I always ask them for an iTunes card. I live in the Netherlands and those are for sale in regular shops. With these cards I can buy both English and Dutch books and it's always the best thing there is to get some new books with my credit. Obviously it will never last very long as there's always something on my wish list that I'd really like to have. 
It's wonderful to share my love for books in my own home, online and in conversations with my friends. While it wasn't so cool to read when I was younger now most people I know seem to love books. With e-readers the choice of books has become so much larger and there's something for everyone. The internet isn't the replacement of books, it's just an expansion, something I'm grateful for every day.
Books are magical and I'm lucky to be able to experience that magic every day. It is my life and the air I'm breathing. This year I've learned a lot, about reading, different genres and writing. I'm hoping to continue my journey. I can't wait to open my Christmas presents, to discover something new once more and to lose myself in the wonderful world of stories. I can't thank my husband, friends, family and the authors of the books enough for the joy they're bringing me.


  1. Margaret Bonass MaddenDecember 15, 2014 at 8:33 PM

    I felt the same! And look at the wonderful people who we have met via our love of books!!!

  2. I totally get you! And there are books for everyone, and it seems because of this expansion in the number and diversity in books, lots of people who did not read that much before are doing it now :3 I am always glad to share my love for books with friends, online and offline, and you can imagine the happiness when I am translating good books, which I am now doing? Translating a very cute romance and a high fantasy book considered one of the best books of 2014! I am so happy ;) And I am very happy to have you as a friend, Suzanne <3

  3. books are also at teh top of my list sadly my family has difficulties to find them...( can't buy online)

  4. Nothing more to add! Just an Amen!


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