Dec 7, 2014

Lavender Loves Sweet Apple Tea! & Coupon Code!

I love Sweet AppleTea. The art is beautiful and there's a lot of funky anime, game and manga themed jewelry. 

The owner, Paulina is a gamer who loves science fiction. That and a Japanese influence is very clearly visible in her work. I love all of the above, so this shop appealed to me immediately.

Paulina started as a seller of polymer clay jewelry, but gradually her shop evolved and now she's also selling her stunning artwork. I discovered her shop because of it and still can't stop looking at her wonderful creations.

Rainbow colors are my favorite and that is why I think this work of art is absolutely stunning!

Paulina sells prints of her artwork, jewelry and bookmarks. These 3 are a set and they are really cute. They're perfect for any kawaii loving reader.

Sweet Apple Tea stands out because of the unusual designs. I think these earrings are both original and beautiful.

This is a manga jewelry box. I like the idea of making art from art.

Another great advantage of this shop is the prices. They are very affordable. The prints cost $10 and most of the jewelry is even cheaper than that.

Another thing I love is the grab bags and the artist's choice options. It means you will get more items for the same price, but what they are is going to be a surprise. US shipping is even free for most of these, so they would make a fabulous gift.  

Readers of my blog will get a 10% discount when they're using the following code:


You can use it for everything in the shop. The code can also be used for grab bags, which will make them an even better deal.

You can still buy something for the holidays, so don't wait and happy shopping!


  1. Love the earrings.

  2. Thank you for the feature! You're awesome :)


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