Dec 18, 2014

Lavender Loves I love Tangerine Dream

I love I love and have already tried several of their products. I bought myself this wonderful bottle of Tangerine Dream. It smells divine! I fall in love all over again every time I open the lid. This is without doubt my favorite shower gel of the moment. The scent is fresh, fruity and delicious. Tangerine Dream doesn't make my skin dry and I like the overall feeling of it after using the product. There's exactly enough foam, which is also an important aspect. I like I love's labels and the styling a lot. Their prices are very reasonable, especially given the quality of what they're offering. I highly recommend this great brand!

On the website you can find shops that are selling I love products. If you live in the UK you can also order from them directly.

1 comment:

  1. My old dog bandit would have licked the girls if they had used this. He used to live tangerines. He loved Christmas morning and getting into the bottom of the stocking.


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