Dec 4, 2014

Lavender Loves Eleven 11 Designs!

I love Eleven 11 Designs. In this shop you can find great, colorful jewelry. 

I love the style of this bold and funky jewelry. It's unique and one of a kind. The owner, Jennifer, paints all of her designs by hand. The result is absolutely stunning!

 I stumbled upon this shop when I was looking for a nice leather bracelet. There's so much choice and everything is gorgeous.

I haven't been able to make my choice yet as there are so many I like. 

Jennifer wants to make jewelry that nobody else has, so you will have a piece you won't be able to find anywhere else. I think it's such good idea and her jewelry stands out in a great way.

If you want to follow Jennifer and her designs, you can do that here: 

 It would be fabulous if you could like Eleven 11 Designs.

There are plenty of amazing items in the shop and there's quite a large selection of very nice earrings too.

Enjoy shopping!


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