Dec 12, 2014

Lavender loves ARTDORA!

I love ARTDORA. It's an amazing shop with beautiful paintings and jewelry.

The owner of the shop, Dorota, has been interested in art ever since she was a little kid.

She went to a high school that specialized in art and later she attended the Academy of Fine Arts.

Dorota loves making big paintings, but she also likes to try different things which resulted in her beautiful hand painted jewelry. 

Nature and folk art inspire Dorota, but she sometimes also uses just her imagination when it comes to creating something new.

I can look at the art in this shop for hours. The paintings have the most gorgeous natural colors and I like the way Dorota uses light and dark to accentuate the exact right things.

The jewelry in this shop isn't only pretty, it's original and one of a kind.

There are so many things to choose from and everything is equally pretty.

Poppies play an important role in Dorota's art. They are my favorite flower, so this shop attracted my attention straight away.

Dorota loves to help you when you have a special request. I once asked her to make a custom order for a friend and it was ready within a very short period of time. My friend was very happy with her gift.

It would be great if you could like ARTDORA on Facebook

Check out this lovely shop to buy something precious for yourself or a loved one and enjoy browsing the great number of amazing items. 


  1. The things are beautiful. I can't believe they were hand painted so much detail.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous. Especially the poppies, as they look dreamy and ephemeral.


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