Dec 8, 2014

Lavender Loves Andisa Charms!

 I love Andisa Charms. The owner, Andy, makes the most wonderful miniature food jewelry.

What attracted me about this shop is the quality of the work. Every tiny detail is exactly right.

I really like the beautiful colors of the items. They're a perfect match,

Every piece of jewelry in this shop is very kawaii. I like the cute designs very much!

 What I also really like is the photos. They are beautiful and the tea set on the background creates a perfect atmosphere for the shop.

 Andy is very kind and helpful. She makes custom designs, so if you don't see the exact thing you're looking for in the shop you can always ask her to create it.

It would be wonderful if you could go over to Facebook and like Andisa Charms Shop there.

This jewelry makes such a great gift for a friend, someone you love or yourself. The prices already start at $6.

Enjoy shopping!


  1. How cute are these. You find such lovely things for us to look at and shop for.

  2. They are lovely. I agree Mandy xx