Dec 21, 2014

Fabulous Freebie: Seasons of the Moon by SM Reine

When Rylie went to summer camp, she didn't expect to get bitten by a werewolf and turn into a monster. She also didn't expect to fall in love--especially not with a werewolf hunter.
Between ravenous werewolf packs, a bloodthirsty family of hunters, and Rylie's battle with her inner wolf, all the odds are stacked against Rylie's love for Seth. But Seth will do anything to be with her... even if it means turning against his family and sacrificing everything.


Review by Anniek:

I love it when freebies come in box sets! It gives the reader a very good impression of what the series is about and where the writer is heading.

The main character Rylie is sent of to summer camp so that her parents can divorce (read fighting over everything) in 'peace'. She feels really ashamed when her father drops her off at camp, not knowing that she will have to say goodbye to him that same summer. They don't really accept her in her camp group and when she flees in tears and goes deep into the woods she is bitten by a werewolf. Of course she doesn't know that immediately but a very nice boy from the boys camp seems to have all the answers for her. His name is Seth and he is also willing to help Rylie out within all the stuff and changes that are happening to her.

I absolutely love the way the story keeps you guessing and wondering what will happen next.....
Rylie needs to keep the camp leaders distracted because she has been caught in the act a few times. Has this summer camp been built in that particular location for a reason? Is Seth there for a reason? Why is Rylie not being sent home when she gets into trouble lots of times? Find out for yourself and pick up this book set from Amazon! You will not be disappointed and can keep on reading after book one.

The people who are following Suzanne's blog maybe remember that I did a review about a series by S.M. Reine before. This series ( the first 3 books) is also still available for free on Amazon!

Enjoy reading again! If you love the paranormal fantasy genre you will LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE both box sets!


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