Dec 22, 2014

Christmas Gifts at the Beach Café by Lucy Diamond

With her Cornish Beach Café closed for the winter, Evie Flynn should be looking forward to lazy days and a happy Christmas, with nothing more pressing to think about than when to have her next mince pie.
But her sister Ruth is coming to stay, in a cloud of heartbreak and bitterness following her marriage breakdown, along with her three unhappy children, and Evie knows she'll have her work cut out, trying to spread some festive cheer. Then her boyfriend Ed breaks the news that he's going to spend Christmas in London, for family reasons, and her heart sinks even further.
Add in to the mix a lost dog plus the hotly contested village Christmas bake-off and before long, Evie is feeling the strain. But there are still a few surprises in store for her, that look set to make this Beach Café Christmas the most memorable one yet...


Christmas is Evie's favorite time of the year. She loves spending it with her boyfriend Ed and she's been looking forward to the relaxing and festive days all year. Unfortunately this Christmas things will be different. As Evie's sister Ruth just went through a nasty and heartbreaking divorce she and her children will be spending Christmas at the Beach Café. Evie always feels uneasy in her sister's company, because Ruth is quite bossy and critical. When Ed announces that he's going to spend Christmas with his mother, because she will be alone otherwise, Evie's dreams are shattered. She's very sad that she has to miss Ed. Fortunately Ruth, the children and a lost dog bring some distraction. And of course there's also the village bake-off. Will Christmas be as horrible as Evie is expecting it to be or will it be nice after all in a different way? And is Ruth going to feel better after spending some time at the Beach Café with her sister?
I love the Beach Café books and it was great to read about my favorite fictional café again. Evie isn't feeling very well and she's trying to make Christmas as nice as possible for her sister and her children. They're all having a wonderful time at the beach and for the first time Ruth can relax a little bit. It was great to get to know a bit more about her. Family is important and even though the sisters are very different it doesn't mean they won't be able to get along. I liked that and also that Evie started to feel like an equal to her sister. They're becoming so much closer. This novella was exactly what I expected it to be, a nice, cozy and sweet story with a wonderful ending. It made me really happy to read that. Christmas Gifts at the Beach Café is festive and perfect for an evening of holiday reading.


  1. I loved this novella too. Bring on more beach cafe I say

  2. I loved this book!


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