Dec 6, 2014

Christmas Countdown Guest Post: Christmas Cards and Serious Request by Roxanne

When Suzanne and Agi asked me to write something about Christmas, I really didn’t know where to

start. While most people might love the holiday season, it has never really been my favorite time of

the year. I am already looking forward to spring at the moment. I do try to make it as nice as it can

possibly be.

The thing I like most about Christmas is writing Christmas cards. I know that many people stopped

doing that, but I just love sending and receiving mail. So that has always been my favorite part. I try

to decorate the boring envelopes with stickers and washi tape and I actually try to write a couple of

lines inside the cards to make them more personal. I usually start writing them on December 6 and it

takes me several days to write them all. That’s no problem. I just listen to music and drink tea or

cocoa while writing them. 

After writing the cards I don’t think about the holidays that much, until it’s time for Serious Request.

Every year, one week before Christmas, three DJ’s from radio channel 3FM in the Netherlands get

locked up into a glass house to raise money and awareness for a global problem, together with the

Red Cross. For me this is the start of my holiday feeling. So the radio and TV are on all day (and

sometimes even night) long to follow this event. While this is going on, I usually think it’s about time

to start decorating our flat with our small (fake) Christmas tree and some decorations here and

there. When the DJ’s are released on Christmas evening, the holidays are actually beginning.

For us Christmas is not about exchanging gifts. I usually send some small gifts to my pen pals or

friends, but with the family we usually decide against it. We try  to spend some time with both our

families during the holidays, but we also spend some quality time together. I like shopping together

and preparing a nice meal at home. We light some candles, turn down the lights and put some music

on while we enjoy some food and each other’s company. Later on we watch a movie together or play

videogames. It might not be the traditional way to celebrate Christmas, but we like it and that’s all

that matters.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!


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  1. Wonderful post!

  2. I could not miss sending Christmas card for me it's really important and i do personnalize each one ( often more than 6 phrases^^;; i lost count of teh time i wrote a complete letter) i do send gifts to penpal and blogger friends as well ... but christmas start only when we have our tree up ( and that can happen anytime after the 6th once it was even on the 24 because my parents were too busy before^^)

    May you have a wonderful Christmas time ( and new year^^)

  3. See I don't send Christmas cards I tend to send to immediate family and special friends. I do donate to a charity instead. I love spending time with family at Christmas.

  4. I love your post! I've actually never sent postcards but i'm thinking about it now since it looks like so much fun!

  5. Great post! I can't wait for Serious request either! Het is altijd zo leuk om te zien :)

  6. Thanks for letting me join Lavender and Agi! :-)

  7. It's such a lovely observance you have!

  8. I love having a traditional Christmas :) I wish it was still popular to write xmas cards and letters to friends but mostly it's just email and texts now.

  9. Great post!
    Thank you :)

  10. Thank you! Happy holidays :)


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