Dec 18, 2014

Christmas Countdown Giveaway: Top Five Holiday Food Favorites by Aven Ellis

 Top Five Holiday Food Favorites by Aven Ellis

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love food. I’m passionate about cooking. I’m obsessed with cooking programs on TV, and my collection of cookbooks borders on ridiculous. Normally I eat healthy food, but this is a time of year when I like to indulge a little bit.
So when I was asked to do a holiday themed post, I immediately knew what I wanted to talk about: my Top Five Holiday Food Favorites.

  1. Kringle-Kringle is a Danish pastry that is available all year round, but the cranberry flavor is seasonal at my favorite bakery in Wisconsin. (Yes, I have it shipped to Texas. It’s that good.) It’s an oval-shaped pastry, filled with cranberries, and iced on top. Fabulous with a cup of coffee, I love to indulge in this on weekends from November through December.

  1. Christmas Cake-I was first introduced to this by my assistant in England, Alexandra. At first I was hesitant. I mean, the fruitcakes I had eaten in America were not good. But she assured me this was in fact delicious. So I found my way to a British import store in Dallas and bought one. Oh man, once again Alexandra was spot on. It’s crazy good. And a must have during the holiday season.

  1. Gingerbread Loaf-One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to pile up the family in the car, stop by Starbucks for coffee and gingerbread loaf, and eat and drink while we drive around and look at Christmas lights.

  1. Pumpkin Pie-One of my all-time favorite desserts, I love pumpkin pie. With real whipped cream. And weird fact, I eat the filling but not the crust.

  1. Cranberry Cake-Made with a few ingredients, it’s buttery and sweet and tart all rolled into one. Love it.

You might have noticed my list is all desserts. I’m all about the sugar, even though I try to avoid it most of the time. But when I get to treat myself, these are my favorite things to eat. Now pass another piece of pie while I get the coffee started, would you?

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  1. Mmm when can I visit I love cake. Have a lovely Christmas x

  2. I love the sweets too (I bake cookies, brownies, scones, and banana breads), but I admit I look forward to pork tamales on Christmas Eve the most! I'm Trix on the Rafflecopter...

  3. Lovely giveaways as always :) What a wonderful way to get everyone in the holiday mood!

  4. Favourite christmas foods is probably gingerbread (although I know you can get them all year round but at christmas they're extra festive) and the lovely hot drink varieties. I'm in love with orange hot chocolate at the moment.

  5. Food is the best part of Christmas. =]

  6. I love food! Nom nom nom!

  7. Cranberry Cake is also one of my favorite holiday cakes!


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