Dec 24, 2014

Christmas Countdown Giveaway: Merry Christmas by Suzanne

I love Christmas, it's my favorite time of the year. I usually read my first Christmas book in July, because I can't wait any longer. In September it's time to start buying gifts. Gradually I'm adding things to my list over the next couple of months. It makes me feel festive straight away.

Then at the end of November it's time to go Christmas shopping. Belgium isn't that far, so my husband and I always go to Brugge to buy Christmas ornaments. I'm such a big fan of Kathe Wohlfhart and I don't want to miss the chocolate covered oranges from one of the many chocolate shops in the city. 

If we have time in December we love to be in the Alsace. We even celebrated our honeymoon there. There are so many lovely cobblestone villages there. One of them is Riquewihr which is very popular, but for me the best town for Christmas shopping is Kaysersberg. I love all the little festive shops and have found many gorgeous Christmas decorations there.

In December we celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th first and then it's time to start decorating. I also have to write lots of cards and I'm sending presents to my friends abroad. The weeks before Christmas are always so busy and I like the buzz. I have three Christmas trees. They're all standing in my living room and all the baubles and other decorations are different. I can't stop looking at them and can spend hours sitting and watching, being alone with my amazing memories.

Christmas is such a magical time for me and I'm feeling very lucky and blessed.

It's finally time to celebrate. Merry Christmas everyone! 

My prize will be a book from the Bookdepository and happy mail!

      Win books, jewelry, Amazon gift cards, surprise gifts and plenty of other wonderful prizes. This is the last day you can enter! Visit onmybookshelf for more festive guest posts.


  1. What a lovely post and the shops look amazing. Have a great Christmas. See you soon 😄

  2. Thank you for the chance to win! (I accidentally wrote my Twitter handle wrong on one entry. It's actually @AmberTerry7)

  3. Merry Christmas everyone and good luck!

  4. Happy Christmas Eve from California! Love you and your giveaways :)

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS! i hope you have received your happy mail or that it will arrive super soon ( i hoped it would be on time for Christmas but with postla service even if we lived near it's not guarantee) i love this time of teh year too and since i make handme gift i need to start super early ( will start even earlier in 2015 to avoid teh rush in december^^ i learned my lesson^^)

    May you have a fantastic Christmas Eve and a Magical Christmas day!

  7. Lovely Christmas to you too, darling!

  8. Nice pic of you Suz!!! Merry Christmas again!!! :)


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