Dec 24, 2014

Christmas Countdown Giveaway: Memories of my Lovely Dad by Lynda Renham

Christmas for me means memories of my lovely Dad. He’s the person who gave me my sense of humour and I am forever grateful to him for that. I wouldn’t be writing romantic comedies if it wasn’t for him I am sure.

He loved Christmas and would go overboard. There would be so much food in the house that you always left feeling sick and bloated and he wouldn’t have it any other way. There would be presents galore and he enjoyed nothing more than watching us opening them. Christmas wasn’t Christmas unless he dressed up as Santa and this caused more than its share of problems when he did this for my nephew. He would knock on the door and one of us would let him in. One particular year was a bit hairy though when my nephew James started calling ‘Granddad, come and see Santa.’ And even more hairy when James insisted Santa stay until Granddad came back from wherever he had gone. ☺ We got ourselves out of it somehow but I’m not sure how.

I remember there always being lots of Eggnog and Babycham at my parents’ house. Ooh and Cherry Brandy. Those were the days.
So at Christmas I always remember my lovely Father and I miss him terribly. I was not able to have children so I missed out on the pleasures of seeing my own children open presents on Christmas Day. But since marrying the doctor AKA Andrew my husband (you can read more about me, the doctor and our cat Bendy on my web page I’ve a ready-made family and this year my stepson and his wife and four year old son will be spending Christmas Day with us along with Andrew’s other son. I have bought so many presents that the bedroom is overflowing. So much so I think we will have to carry some over to Boxing Day.
Christmas in the village where I live is also very festive and of course merry. There is nothing nicer to waking up on a snowy Christmas morning in a quiet village and to hear the church bells ringing. There are lots of social occasions leading up to it too which I enjoy. Lots of mulled wine, mince pies and stollen cake. And of course the window decoration which we have done in our little village this year and you can see for yourself how pretty they are.

My stepson will be cooking the dinner, which will give me a chance to be lazy for once. That is until the Saturday after Christmas when I have 12 people coming. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except maybe my Dad with us, if that were possible. But we shall certainly toast him on the day.
I hope you all have a fab Christmas and spend some of it reading one of my books. Well I can hope can’t I?

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  1. Thank you Lynda!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,all the best :)

  2. I accidentally hit accept on follow you on Bloglovin before I got there. This is wonderful. I wish I has some Twitter follows left!

  3. i'm missing my father today as well.... he was not so bend on Christmas because his father died on that day but when he became a father he did try....i remember him decorating teh tree and sharing stories... i cherish those memories but at teh same time for me i want Christma sto be magical fully and completely so i did my best to share some o that magic^^

    i hope you will have a wonderful Christmas with your Stepson and his little one

  4. Thinking of you. You will have a lovely Christmas with your new family. Xx

  5. Thanks for the chance! Happy Holidays!

  6. Thanks for chance. I look forward to results later today!


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