Dec 2, 2014

Christmas Countdown: Dear Santa by Clare Dowling! & Giveaway

Dear Santa,

My top five fantasy presents this year would be ….

A cookbook that guarantees my efforts will turn out just like the picture. No more

crooked cupcakes, sinking sponges and dodgy looking desserts.  I love cookery

programmes, and have a secret fantasy of one day being plucked from obscurity by

Mary Berry to whip up a Tarte au Citron in that big white tent.  But I’m going to need

a lot of help to get there, so a cookbook with extra special powers would be a great


A head massager.  This is an odd one, I’ll admit, but I’ve been reading about such

things and have become mildly obsessed.  They look like a cross between an

instrument of torture and an egg whisk, but apparently deliver the most amazing,

relaxing experience of your life.  There’s even a rumour that they’re the solution to

nasty bouts of writer’s block. 

An Audi A5.  I’m only joking, Santa - I’d be petrified of driving a swanky car in case I

got a scratch on it in Tesco’s car park.  What I’d really like is a car that self-parks,

particularly in those tricky parallel parking situations. I’d never again have to suffer

the public shame of being judged by a bus stop crowd as I make one, two, three, no,

four, attempts at getting into that tight spot.

Dinner with Michael Fassbender.  Or, if he was busy, Brad Pitt.  This is purely for

research purposes, you understand.  As a writer, it’s important to get out and about,

and search out inspiration.  Along with the head massager, I’d never suffer writer’s

block again. 

And finally, Santa, I’d like a ride on your sleigh. What better way to see the world

than an all-nighter in the company of a great man like yourself, helped along by a

glass of mulled wine or two? Rudolph would be a fantastic guide, and with all that

happiness, peace and good cheer floating around, I’m sure it would be a magical

night I’d never forget. 

Thank you and Happy Christmas!

Clare xx


  1. Love this post. I think I need that cook book too lol.

  2. This is adorable! Love it :) Awesome post.

  3. Such a fun list! How about a head massage from Fassbender/Pitt? Two gifts in one! (I'm Trix on the Rafflecopter...)

  4. I'd definitely wish for a head massage, too.

  5. interesting list i would love the ride on teh sleight as well what a magical night it could be indeed

  6. Oh gawd! I am so glad there is really no place here I need to parallel park! I love your list!


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