Dec 25, 2014

Christmas Countdown: And the winners are....

The winners of the Christmas Countdown Giveaway are:

The 24 prizes are for: Alba from Spain

3 prizes are for: Claire E. from the UK: Alba, Isabel and a surprise

1 Prize:

Emily M. from the US - Jennifer G Roberts
Tanya P. From the UK - Clare Dowling
Sushma P. from India  - Simona
Chloe S. from the UK - Holly Martin
Jennifer W. from the US - Julie Ryan
Selina D. from the UK - Roxanne
Ally S from the US - Wendy Lou Jones
Lisa W. from the US - Krysten Lindsay Hager
Valentina B. from Romania  - Sharon
Chanda M. from the US - Julie Shackman
Oksana V. from Belarus - Jo
Makaela T. from the US - Samantha Tonge
Kelly Maxwell from the US - Liz Fenwick
Kristia M. from Cyprus - The Book Bar
Debra G. from the US - Sheryl Browne
Anne C. from the UK - Alba
Jessica M. from the US - Sandra Elizabeth Steiner
Piroska B. from Canada - Aven Ellis
Cristina P. from Romania - Tanya
Ana D. from Brazil - Gina Henning
Yun-A K. from Korea - Rebecca Raisin
Amber T. from the US - Anniek
Trillina P. from Italy - Agi
Teresa S. from Portugal - Lynda Renham
Hannah B. from the UK - Suzanne
Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

I will contact the winners individually as well.


  1. luck was not on my site... (never was here so far^^) but congratulations to all winners! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Do we need to contact someone if we won?

  3. Oh, how cool. I win a prize, I won, I won yaw! *happy dance* :3

  4. If you send me your address via email I will send you happy mail at the beginning of 2015 :)

  5. Fingers crossed rafflecopter will pick your name next time :)

  6. Oh my name's there! I didn't expect that! Thanks to all of you. I hope you're having the most wonderful holidays :)

  7. My name is here too but i did not got a e-mail :)

  8. Lmao....all females. Please post, or supply copies of program used to pick winners.

  9. you should have it on your gift package when you receive it but really don't feel obligated to do anything

  10. Thank you!

  11. very happy thank you!


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