Dec 10, 2014

Chrismas Countdown Giveaway & Guest Post: Be Inspired By Christmas by Julie Shackman

Be Inspired By Christmas!
By Julie Shackman

I think Christmas can be a very inspirational time for writers.
Not only is there a definite air of excitement, but there is also colour, beauty and imagination everywhere you look.
That might be why there are often so many great festive themed novels appearing around this time of year.
Stories of hope; love; optimism and looking to the future, all tied up in glorious covers sprinkled with sparkle and glitter.

The look of sheer joy on children’s’ faces can’t help but make me smile too.
What with the sentimental Christmas movies and TV shows dusted with festive magic, it’s difficult (for me at least!) not to get swept along by the sheer joy of it all.
Even switching on the radio, brings the warmth and cheesy loveliness of Christmas pop songs. Lyrics which wash over you and make you think of the school Christmas disco.
Then there are the gorgeous Christmas Carols, which conjure up scenes of winter wonderlands and starry Christmas Eve skies.
I hope this Christmas inspires you with your reading/writing/blogging and that 2015 brings you a healthy and happy New Year.
Thank you to everybody in the reading and writing community who has supported my endeavours this year – it is always much appreciated!

Julie X 


  1. I think the excitement is great. I love Christmas morning.

  2. I love Christmas novels!

  3. i do love christma stime, it's like magic is in teh air, people try to be friendlier, time slow down in nature and all teh light ( in snow is even better) are just so wonderful


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