Dec 6, 2014

Are You on the List? by Kitty Brucknell, Lewis-Duncan Weedon and Olivia Cox

The must-have guide that every girl needs

to become a successful socialite

Socialite: a high-profiled person in society, whom often engages
in social activities such as parties and other exclusive gatherings.
Someone who everyone wants to be.
Are you on the list? Is not only a guide for looking good and feeling
great, but it’s a must have that every girl needs to be successful.
Packed with simple, approachable and honest advice on how to=
dress to make an impression, how to be a showstopper, how to get
invited to the best events and party with glamorous celebrities, how
to walk your way to the front row, how to organize the most fabulous
parties and much more. It has everything a girl needs to know to really
become the next It girl and make her dream a reality. Are you on the
list? is the perfect gift for every girl who aspires to be someone in life.
Whether it is to make the right connections in the industry of your
dreams, become a well-known blogger or just have some fun, these
3 authors know it all and are ready to reveal to you all their secrets.

Kitty Brucknell, singer, songwriter and performer. X Factor contestant
from 2011, who is now making headlines on all the major publications
with the release of her new single.

Lewis-Duncan Weedon, celebrity stylist, make-up artist, model, pre-
senter, society and fashion editor, socialite and celebrity ambassa-
dor for the Prince’s Trust in the East of England.

Olivia Cox, TV presenter, blogger, actress and model.


How do you become a socialite? What should and shouldn't you do? This book is a step by step guide which you can use if you want to be on your way to success. It's important to know how to behave in social situations. What do you wear to which occasion and how do you apply professional looking make up even if you don't have much time? This book is a handbook for anyone who wants to make it. Being in the spotlight is a dream for a lot of young girls. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a mentor, but now there's Are You on the List?, which is taking over that role. Experienced socialites share their knowlegde with young girls to help them achieve their goals.

Are You on the List? Is meant for girls in their late teens who would like to make it in society. Becoming a socialite isn't an easy thing to achieve and many have stumbled and made plenty of mistakes. I think having a handbook and knowing what to do and what not to do is great. It's a boost for self confidence and all of the tips are practical and feasible. I'm not a young girl, but I learned a lot from this book as well. It's actually quite a handy guide for everyone who wants to behave well at a party or a gathering. I recommend Are You on the List? to those who want to be socialites and everyone else who wants to know how to behave in public situations. Even outside of the spotlights it's great to know how to express your personal style, how to put on beautiful make up, what to wear and what not to wear, where to get the nicest clothes on a budget and how to behave at a party or a networking event.

Each of the three voices is different. Kitty Brucknell's writing is light and cheerful and it immediately gave me a happy feeling. Lewis-Duncan Weedon is obviously very experienced and he has a great way of explaining things so they are becoming understandable. I loved to read about his way to success. Olivia Cox is a bit more serious. Her advice is very useful for those who aren't confident, who aren't the most extrovert people and who aren't natural networkers. Some things you can learn and she's a very good teacher. The combination of these three people is a good one. They're all contributing something different. I like that approach very much. A very important thing they all focus on from their own angle is being comfortable in your own skin. Size zero isn't the norm, which is a valuable and very important lesson. I hope that a lot of people will read this book as it's definitely useful and it's also a fun read.

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