Nov 4, 2014

You Wish by Terry Tyler

YOU WISH was the winner of the "Best Chick Lit/Women's Lit" in the eFestival of Words 2013.

Do we control our own destiny - or might it be determined by fate,
coincidence, luck...or even magic?

Ruth, an amateur psychic with a husband who smokes cannabis for breakfast, is
haunted by a tragic event from her teenage years which, she suspects, was the
result of a wish she made on an allegedly enchanted stone. Too embarrassed to
admit her fears, she keeps her secret to herself for twenty-five years.

Petra is the perennial singleton amongst her friends, unable, she thinks, to
fall in love. She comes across the stone at a Psychic Fair and makes a wish,
just for fun. As the wish begins to come true she wishes she had chosen her
words with more care.

Spoilt, weight-obsessed Sarah wants nothing more than to be "size zero". As
her life spirals downwards into the seedy world of drug abuse and addiction, she
remembers the day at the Psychic Fair when she wished for her heart's desire.

When Ruth learns of the fates of Petra and Sarah she is forced to confront her
guilt and discover the truth about the Wishing Stone...


Ruth never feels comfortable being at the psychic fairs she and her husband are having a stand at. She's afraid that someone will dismantle them as frauds and every time she does her work as a psychic she feels stressed. Her husband can't stay away from cannabis and she's quite disappointed in him. One day their daughter joins them at the fair and she's brought Ruth's wishing stone. It's an enchanted stone that makes wishes come true. Because her daughter is donating the small amount of money she's asking to charity there are a lot of customers. One of them is Petra. She's the only one among her friends who hasn't found true love yet. She wishes to fall truly, madly, deeply in love. Sarah is always afraid she will be too fat. She wishes to be a size zero. The wishes are coming true, but both woman had imagined something entirely different when they made their wish. Did the stone put some kind of spell on them to alter their lives and should Ruth feel guilty for letting her daughter take it to the fair?
You Wish has several main characters. Ruth is a kind person, she's insecure, but she has a good heart. Petra appears to be quite cold in the beginning, only there are some surprising hidden depths. Sarah is selfish, spoiled and shallow. I wondered if she had it coming or if the stone influenced the outcome of her life. I loved the little seeds of doubt Terry Tyler keeps planting. I wanted to know more about the stone and about the people who made their wishes. I was also curious about Ruth's past. I couldn't wait to find out more about all the main characters. The stories all come together really well and I liked the outcome of the story very much. It can be wonderful when a wish comes true, but when you want something so badly it's easy to use the wrong words. Is that what happened here and does the stone contain some dangerous ancient magic? If you want to find out for yourself, you should buy the book, you won't be disappointed. Terry Tyler is a great author and this story is fabulous!

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