Nov 11, 2014

Secret Santa by Scarlett Bailey

A self-confessed Christmas queen, Sue Montaigne prides herself on organising the annual nativity pageant in her small Cornish village of Poldore.

But this year, what with having to deal with the repairs on Castle House after it was wrecked by a terrible storm, training a new – and frankly flighty – Virgin Mary and managing a Joseph who is allergic to sheep, she is distinctly lacking a little bit of ‘me time’.

And then there are the auditions for the new Santa. But nothing prepares her for the beautiful man who turns up, a twinkle in his eye and a promise to make her Christmas dreams come true…


 Sue has got a lot of organizing to do for Christmas. She lives in a small village with a close community and she shoulders a lot of responsibility. She's organizing the nativity pageant and she's the judge at the auditions for a new Santa. She's asked a famous actor to help her out, but unfortunately he can't be there. He is sorry for standing her up though. A mysterious and quite authentic Santa comes to her rescue. He's a bit odd, but perfect for the job. He even asks Sue to tell him her Christmas wishes. He's so easy to talk to, but she doesn't have any confidence that he will make wishes as big as hers come true. Santa can be full of surprises though...
Secret Santa is a wonderful novella. I loved the description of the village and Sue's enormous home with the leaking roof. Santa's grotto sounds really marvelous and I wish I could go there. Scarlett Bailey has created a magic place where everyone would love to celebrate their Christmas. Sue is such a strong and likable person. She has a lot of duties, but she never complains. I loved that Santa wanted to make things better for her, she truly deserved it. The ending of the story put a smile on my face, it's exactly right. This novella is so festive, it immediately got me into the Christmas spirit.  


  1. I have this on my kindle waiting, glad you enjoyed it :) I wish I could take December off to just read Christmas books x

  2. I'm with you Rachel I can't reaD Christmas books yet. Only a few. Love the sound of this. Am putting on my wish list for December.


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