Nov 25, 2014

Pat and her paintings

Pat and her paintings

Hi, I'm Pat.

Some of you know me on Twitter as @feetpaintwords.

Librarian Lavender kindly invited me here, to share with you a little about what else I like to do,

when I'm not writing. Many thanks to her for the invite.

My day job is a reflexologist. When I first started my own business, some twenty years ago, I had

quiet times, so I looked to fill my time with something creative. I hadn't thought of writing then,

but I did think of painting. Searching locally, I found an adult class that taught watercolours, so I

enrolled. It began a long time love affair with paint. 

Watercolour owns my heart as far as painting goes, there's rarely a week goes by without me

painting something! My husband even constructed my very own summerhouse studio. That also

doubles up as a writing space, it feels that creative.

All sorts of things inspire me to paint, from dogs to rainy days, to Joanne Harris' tweets about her

writing Shed, to the lovely Flo, daughter of Miranda Dickinson

*** paintings The Laughing Chief, the Meeting Place, Today, the Shed , A Chuisle***

When I paint, I am lost in a creative world. Time has no meaning. I can often find that hours have

slipped by, unnoticed. It's a beautiful place to be.

I invite you to join me, whenever you're not reading. We can get lost in creativity, together.


  1. What stunningly beautiful paintings. I wish I could paint like that.

  2. It is totally appreciated. I am loving your painting. I wish I will see more work in future.


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