Nov 29, 2014

One Hundred Christmas Proposals by Holly Martin


 Review by Tanya
Holly has written another great story that has you oohing and aahing in all the right places. The story is about the proposal business, the Perfect Proposal that Suzie and Harry run aiming to have and blog about 100 proposals over the Christmas period.  This will hopefully cumulate in a fantastically romantic proposal for a man called Alexander at St Dunstan-in-the-East, which is the biggest and best of them all with musicians, special lights, a snow machine and a party afterwards with lots of guests. Suzie Is working hard on this proposal hoping it will live up to its expectations and be a great finish to their 100 Christmas proposals.
Harry has a surprise gift for Suzie and seems to be sneaking around sorting things out. This initially upsets Suzie as she thinks there is something going on. When Harry says that it's her Christmas present and that she will get it on New Year’s Eve she is happier. The fact that her parents are visiting is a bit of a worry though, especially since her sister in law is now seeing her belated brother’s best friend and she knows this is going to be a problem. Her mum is outspoken and often rude in what she says to others and she manages to upset the good nature of many of the characters.
Will Harry succeed with his surprise presents?  Will Alexander have the fantastic proposal that he's planning or will the snow put a stop to it?  Will Harry like the surprise Suzie has for him? Will Harry and Suzie ever set a date for their wedding?
Of course as a reader you have a big idea what the surprise is going to be and this makes it great as you want Suzie to have a fantastic time. I didn’t doubt that things would be right in the end as you know that Harry and Suzie are made for each other. I really enjoyed this book and have recommended it to many people already. It has a great feel good Christmas factor to it and in fact I may read it again before Christmas to get into the spirit of it. 

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