Nov 17, 2014

New Books From Sophie!

I have a lot of new kindle books and all of them thanks to Sophie. I received a gift card from her as a present and two days later I was the lucky winner of one of her birthday/anniversary giveaways, so I received another one. The gift and the prize made my day which means I had two really good days last week.

It's so much fun to shop for books when there's a gift card balance. I always love browsing amazon to find new kindle books, but knowing they are a present makes it even better. I managed to order a lot of great titles for my gift cards. I still can't believe I have 9 new books to choose from. Thank you Sophie for being so generous, I love my wonderful new books and can't wait to read them!


  1. That is lovely.

  2. Great haul! And I just finished and enjoyed The Body Electric, hope you do too. I got a couple gift cards recently, and today I spent all but $3 of them on e-books. Will be sharing those purchases next Sunday probably!

  3. I'm curious to see your haul... I'm really happy with my new books and can't wait to start :)

  4. Interesting cover on Under Different Stars. :-) A couple there that I will wait to hear about.


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