Nov 5, 2014

Manga Me

BeagleCakes Art

This is Manga Me. I'm so happy with my drawing. I'm now the proud owner of this kawaii drawing of myself. It's a wish come true. I've always loved cute things and I think I will love them for the rest of my life. 
My first kawaii possession was a Sanrio Little Twin Stars notebook. I don't have it any longer, but I liked it so much. My mother's favorite aunt brought it for me as a present when I was six years old. It was just a small present, but one that made a great impression. I never used it, I kept looking at it over and over again. When I found Sanrio items in a few stores in our bigger cities many years later I was in love. Soon I started buying things online as well. I now have a huge kawaii collection. It's really cute and I'm proud of it. Every item is something I can't stop looking at. A lot of people think it's weird and they laugh at me for liking items that they think are for children, but for me my collection is the most magical thing in the world.
I've been writing regular letters since I was 9 years old and kawaii letters since I was 20 years old. I love decorating envelopes, I really like to use adorable stickers and cute tape. I try to make things as cheerful as possible. Manga Me might not be tough and I don't think she will do well in a fight, but she does stand for everything that I am. If she'd have one special power it would be the ability to make the world a better place. That's why I like kawaii so much, because it makes everything just a little bit brighter and happy.

---- Suzanne ----


  1. Suzanne that post brought a rear to my eye. The picture is adorable just like you xx. You have me hooked on kawaii now and I had never heard of it before x

  2. Thank you, you're such a sweetheart <3


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