Nov 17, 2014

Lavender Loves MiKa Art!

I love MiKa Art! The drawings and illustrations in this shop are stunning. MiKa mainly draws animals and she sells felt brooches and ornaments.

 There are several illustrations in this shop that I'm completely in love with. This dog and fox are so cute and I love the borders.

 MiKa is Japanese, but she now lives in Canada. She likes to create small artwork and spreading love, safety and happiness is very important to her.

The faces of the animals are really sweet and everything is exactly right. The eyes of the cat are stunning and the bow of the dog is really cute. The floral borders are really pretty as well.

MiKa loves making art for children. I think the beautiful illustrations would make children very happy. They're so peaceful and friendly. MiKa's art is for grown ups as well and who wouldn't love to have something as adorable as this on their wall?

 In Mika Art's Etsy shop you find both original artwork and prints in different sizes. 

MiKa doesn't only love art, she also loves books and reading. She studied literature and worked as a librarian. She grew up in a house filled with artists and crafters and that's where she learned how to draw and to create.

Visit MiKa Art's blog to see more of her art. If you like the things she makes, please show your appreciation on Facebook by liking MiKa's page.

MiKa Art's items are both beautiful and affordable. Enjoy shopping!


  1. I love the dog. Mind you living penguins lately thanks to Paris lol x


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