Nov 22, 2014

Guest post: Julie Shackman talks about her book Hero or Zero!

What Makes A Hero?

By Julie Shackman

Who would be your perfect Hero?

Is it someone tall, dark and brooding like Mr Darcy……? Sorry, I got a bit distracted there.

Or is it someone who has a real zest for life and is always putting others first?

This was one of the questions I kept asking myself whilst I was writing my new romcom “Hero or


My protagonist Chloe Jones, has two loves in her life – her gorgeous seven year old son Danny and

the other is the heartthrob TV actor Ethan Blake.

But what is it they say? You should never meet your Hero?

For Chloe has put Ethan on a pedestal and imagines him to be the very same, tall, dark and brave

character she sees on her TV screen….

But is he?

Maybe she should be looking a bit closer to home to find her real Hero….!

Julie Shackman

Blurb - "Hero or Zero"

When single mum Chloe Jones wins a magazine competition to have TV heartthrob Ethan Blake live with her for a month, she thinks her dreams have come true. And the presence of the handsome star in her home and small Scottish town certainly causes a stir. But when Chloe begins to see his true colours, will she find the courage to face him, and admit where her heart truly lies?
Author Bio - I trained as a journalist but writing romance has always been a dream of mine. When I’ve not got my head in a book or drafting one, I write verses and captions for greetings card companies. Writing at home seems to be incredibly difficult for me – I usually require coffee, music and noise.

My second romcom, "Hero or Zero" has just been released. “Rock My World” was my debut romcom. I’m married, have two sons and live in Scotland.


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