Nov 9, 2014

Getting to Know You Sunday: Sarah!

Hi, my name is Sarah I am from Leeds, West Yorkshire and am 29 years old.  (30 in just over a month!) But let’s not talk about that! Lol I sometimes forget and think I’m still about 10!
I absolutely love everything Disney.  My favourite character been Belle from Beauty and the Beast probably because I think I am just like her.  It is one of my dreams to one day actually get to the Disney Castle at Disneyworld!
I also love to be more grown up and go shopping with my friends having lunch and a good old gossip.  I could actually win gold at the Olympics if shopping was a sport!  I love buying presents for my friends and family as well as just treating myself to clothes, handbags or anything really especially if it makes me go awww.  If I am not shopping out in the real world I am browsing and buying online.  I have just purchased my very first Christmas jumper!  I also love nail varnish and like to buy these too I have over 100 of them!  If I see a colour that catches my eye although I have been known to buy a colour based on its name like Pixie Dust.
I really enjoy going with family and friends to a spa to be pampered and relaxed not least because it gives me time to relax and spend time with people I love but of course when I am lying around doing nothing I can read!  It is such a great way to recharge the batteries and be waited on that I am working through my friends who have never had the experience to go and have it as I think it is something that every girl should experience at least once!  If I happen to be skint and waiting for payday I also like to chill out at home watching tv or a good old rom-com movie and eating junk.  
I also like to travel and go on holiday although I haven’t done much of it lately but I am going to Australia very soon to visit my sister who has had a baby so I will get to meet my baby nephew for the first time!  I would love to go to Tanzania on a safari and New York.  I hope to be able to go to both these places at some point.
Having a laugh and doing dares and playing jokes is also a fun pastime I like to indulge in.  I have often been told that I am funny and I shock people by doing dares that have been challenged in all sorts of settings from emailing people at work about situations and it not been real to screaming I’ve won I’ve won at the cash machine in front of everyone when I have taken withdrawn money to the embarrassment of the person setting the dare!
These are the main things that I love doing when I’m not reading and of course around the boring day to day life things such as work.  Hopefully you have got to know me a little better now and like what you read.  Thank you to Librarian Lavender for allowing me to share a bit about myself. 
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  1. Love reading these posts. We were lucky enough to eat in the Disney castle in Florida a few years ago. Was fantastic.

  2. I love that she likes Disney Princesses so much, me too :)


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