Nov 9, 2014

Getting to Know You Sunday: Carys Jones

Final Fantasy Fanatic

A Post by Carys Jones

When I’m not stuck with my nose in a book or glued to my laptop writing my own work I’m usually either hanging out with my fabulous friends (I’m lucky enough to have seven amazing best friends who I’ve known forever), walking my beloved dog Rollo through the nearby woods or watching one of my favourite TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Revenge or Sex and the City.

But few people know of my other great passion; gaming. I bought my first gaming console when I was twelve. It was a PS One and I remember the excitement when I bought it home, unpacked it and hooked it up to my old blue television which was covered in Disney stickers. It was the start of a love affair which would stay with me for years to come.

I love the escapism you can find in games. It is so consuming as you’re an active participant in an unfolding story rather than a passive one like when you watch a movie. You impact the story. Which leads me to my absolute favourite games; the Final Fantasy series. For those unfamilar with the games, they are sweeping sagas set across sumptuous futuristic worlds. I adore the series but for me Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are the best games in the series.

They came out around the time I was in college. I naughtily would sometimes skip classes just so I could stay home and play. I’d sit up in my bedroom and play until my eyes ached and my hands went numb. I loved the emotion of the stories and also the visual wonder of the gameplay.

Games were an escape for me. From the age of twelve I’ve suffered with a chronic illness and games became a way of drawing away from reality for hours on end. In a game I could be fast, strong and able to save the world.

Today my health is much improved but my love of gaming remains. Sadly I no longer feel I can justify spending ten hours a day on my Playstation so I do limit my time playing. But I like knowing that all my favourite games are there waiting for me if I ever feel the need to escape in to them again. I’ve replayed them so many times, revisting them like old friends.

Games are a portal to a world of excitement, adventure and possiblity and for that reason, they will always have a place not only in my life but in my heart! 


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  1. I love the welsh name for starters. I've never tried playing computer games.


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