Nov 2, 2014

Getting to know Rachel Noel: Vanilla Cake with Allspice Cream Cheese Frosting review

Vanilla Cake with Allspice Cream Cheese Frosting

I normally only review one recipe at a time, but in this case, it became necessary to review two new recipes: a Golden Vanilla Cake recipe and an Allspice Cream Cheese Frosting recipe. While I don’t use the brand specific ingredients of the Golden Vanilla Cake, it still came out well.
Naturally the first thing I did was bake the cake. I mixed all the dry ingredients together. Then I included the eggs and butter and thought I was done.

Of course, this was because I’ve been making a significant amount of cookies, not cakes, and almost forgot to add the milk! Then, when I added the milk, I thought it was too soupy. That’s when I finally remembered, cake batter is a lot more liquidy than cookie dough. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a cake. But at least it looks beautiful!
Next step was to pour out the batter into the two cake pans. I didn’t have any parchment paper to keep the batter from sticking to the pans so I’m greasing them, hoping for the best, and telling my husband to put parchment paper on the shopping list.

So I bake the cakes for appropriate amount of time. They give the apartment a subtle vanilla scent. They look very good!
I made up the frosting while the cakes cooled. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures while doing so. >.<
So, let’s just skip to the problems I had trying to frost the cake!
The first problem was that greasing the pans was not enough. The cakes stuck to the pans and then they started crumbling a bit. My husband felt obliged to encourage the crumbling by pinching off a piece of cake. At least I had an early opinion that it would taste good! Sadly, the act of frosting also only encouraged the crumbling. I did decide to do something completely off the recipe and put in some diced pears between the layers with a thin coating of frosting.

It ain’t gonna be pretty, but I’m not going for looks as much as taste.
So I put some diced pears on top of the cake as well to, again, enhance the flavor. I was hesitant to try the cake since I had sincere doubts about the flavor. I told my husband he could have one slice of cake. Unfortunately I let him decide the size of the slice. I kid you not, the picture below was taken after he grabbed ONE slice.

He loved it! He said it had multiple flavors that blended together rather than having one overpowering flavor of sweetness. When I tried it for myself, I understood what he meant. The combination of flavors, cake, frosting, pears, make for a combined flavor that make me think of autumn. The allspice of the frosting mixed with the gentle vanilla of the cake, mixed with the subtle flavor of the pears. It was definitely not a sweet cake, but it was so very flavorful. I’m not sure I could get this with any other cake/frosting combination.
So, this is definitely a good cake to make as we get further into fall. I definitely prefer it to all the pumpkin spice that’s being shoved in my face. The frosting does not carry as well to the next day as I would like. By itself it reminds of cinnamon gum. But the combination definitely works. I would give these recipes a 5, but I’m not sure that I could really use these recipes with any other. The Allspice frosting is so flavorful it requires a cake that is subtle in its flavors and the flavor of the Vanilla Cake is so subtle it requires either a flavorful frosting or filling. I’ll still give these recipes four hoots and this combination gets 5!


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