Nov 2, 2014

Getting to know Heidi-Jo

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Getting to know Heidi-Jo
I guess it will come as no surprise that, after family and the cat, my greatest passion is writing. I’m always writing. Novels, short stories, diary entries, blog posts, Tweets, Facebook statuses, story ideas, snatches of conversation, plans, plots and lists. In fact it is rare to see me without a keyboard or notebook and pen and if you do happen to spot this rare occurrence it is probably because I’m reading, which just happens to be the third love of my life.

However, writing this blog post has made me think outside the screen, look beyond the confines of the page and delve a little deeper so I can truly share a little bit of ‘me’. You’ll probably think I’m dull as ditch water or that my life is too twee to be believed by the time you’ve finished reading this but here goes nothing…
At heart I’m a real home bird, a passionate homemaker who loves to cook, sometimes bake, occasionally sew and is always striving to create a cosy, comforting home for family and friends to come back to.
I love second hand, or should I say vintage stuff, anything with a bit of history and a story behind it. It isn’t about how much a treasure costs or what condition it is in. If an object calls to me then I have to take it home, nurture it and find a place for it amongst the eclectic collection that I’ve spent years gathering.

Embracing Mother Nature in all her manifestations is another passion. Familiar woodland walks throughout the changing seasons and of course nurturing our own outdoor space which is currently confined to yet another list as we painstakingly create the garden of our dreams and eradicate the muddy, neglected patch we inherited a few months ago.
Vases full of fresh, preferably seasonal flowers make my heart flutter as, for some reason, do chickens. Wherever we’ve lived in the past we’ve had a little brood, rescue and fancy, but alas no more.

Slabs of Galaxy, cups of tea in my Emma Bridgewater mug, Yorkshire puddings with butter, bunting and champagne all feature pretty highly on the passion scale along with my fondness for pyjama bottoms and Monty Don, but perhaps I should stop now, before I get totally out of hand and end up revealing a little more than you really wanted to know?

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