Nov 30, 2014

Getting to know Emma Davies

Getting to know Emma Davies
So what do I like to do apart from reading and writing? … erm ….. that’s actually really difficult as I’ve been doing both from such an early age it’s a bit like having Tom without Jerry, Batman without Robin or rhubarb without custard! I feel a little bare without these two things to be honest but I thought I’d throw in some random facts which actually capture me quite well;
I’ve never met a Pringle I didn’t like.
My favourite colour is autumn.
I have a thing for men with Scottish accents.
If I were brave enough I would wear this;
I wish my hair was curly, as in corkscrews.
I had all our three children at home with no pain relief of any kind! (Bragging fact).
My idea of heaven is an open fire in the bedroom.
I once had my own business making wedding stationery. It was called Flora’s Secret and all the designs featured natural materials along with organza ribbons, and pearls.
If I were alive in 1500 I would have probably been burnt at the stake; red hair, green eyes, and a mole in an unfortunate place… (Too much information fact).
I’m not a lover of fish (as in dead ones to eat).
When I was younger I owned a narrow boat which I renovated with my parents. I absolutely loved it and hope one day to have another (Ideal place to write of course) Love canals, and rivers and the sea (preferably wild in winter).

I love Microsoft Publisher and have designed loads of business brochures for friends etc.
I sing loudly in the car.
Favourite quote: ‘And memories he knew, were not treasures to be locked within a box, but bright ribbons to be blown in the wind.’
Thing I’d save in a fire (provided my husband, children, and guinea pigs got out first) my books, of course!!

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  1. I have a thing for men with British accents. Especially if they are David Tennant hehehe Lovely post ;)


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